Smart Stations -project

Smart station -project is tapping the potential of stations as a development platform of new low-carbon and climate friendly services and solutions.

Railway and metro stations turn into pop up -platforms for smart and low-carbon everyday life solutions in May. New services are introduced and new ideas are created.

13.-14.5. Hämeenlinna station and Riihimäki station
13.-17.5. Aalto-university metro station in Espoo
15.-18.5. Myyrmäki station in Vantaa
16.-18.5. Malmi station in Helsinki

The project has also launched an innovation competition for stations areas. Take a look here and suggest new solutions by 17 May.

Smart station -project is co-developing the stations of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa (capital region), Riihimäki and Hämeenlinna (Growth corridor) together with cities and companies providing climate-friendly solutions.

In capital region there have been made large investments to rail transport and there is a need to improve the economical potential of rail network, both in housing and transportation. Thus the project is strengthening stations as a nodes in urban structure, supporting the switch towards carbon-neutral urban environment and bringing the services close to the citizens. Stations are being transformed to low carbon home villages for carbon neutral everyday life. The project converts the stations as a development platforms for low carbon businesses. It promotes new types of low-carbon and business concepts and new intelligent service solutions to stations.

The development work within the project is focusing on:

  1. identification of station-specific needs and potential for climate-friendly services
  2. development and implementation of the event “Smart station”, opening the stations as a testbed of new services
  3. accelerating new business by organizing a “station innovation competition for station areas”
  4. co-developing the stations and the services together with different municipalities and services producers

The result of the project is the analysis of the service needs and possible service providers of the stations, well known and identified Smart station event and the new services and service providers through the innovation competition for stations areas. The more permanent result will be new businesses in the stations, which will strengthen the services in the stations.